Task 1. Write letters to your epals covering the following questions:
What type of climate is dominant in your epal's country. What type of terrain is the city your e-pal is from? Is it a rural or urban area? How do the people there adjust to the seasons? (clothing and traveling)

Task 2.
a. Answer the following questions in written:

Has the World Warmed?
Are Human Activities Contributing to Climate Change?
What Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change?
What are climate change and global warming, and how are they related?
What is abrupt climate change?
Can abrupt climate change really happen in a matter of days?
Can global warming lead to an ice age?

b. Make a list of the Internet resouces you use and write a short annotation to each.

Task 3. Watch a trailer on youtube. What is the movie "The day after tomorrow" about?
Can what happens in The Day After Tomorrow happen in the real life? Write an essay (15-18 sentences).

Students' letters:
Hey, Alex

Whats up? The type of climate we get is the four seasons which are summer, fall, winter, and spring.

In the summer its roughly stays around 79'-80' degrees. But, we do get those days that are so hot that we don't even want to go outside, its humid. The mosquitos are even worse, they are bugs they bite you and leave mosquito bites that are itchy. They come at night when your trying to sleep. But, summer is fun because you get to go to the beach and swim, you aren't in school. You can go on vacation. When its rains, it gets muddy and you can ride your fourwheelers and dirt bikes in the mud, you would like it if you like to get dirty.
In the fall, the leaves on the trees change colors and they fall off the trees. You can rake them up and jump in them, its fun. Also we have Halloween, thats when you dress up in costumes and go door to door saying "trick or treat" and they give you candy and you always "thank you", because its good manners. You can also go to haunted houses. Also, in the fall their is thanksgiving, where you have a huge dinner with your family. You can also hunt for turkeys.
In winter, its cold and we get lots of snow, because we live in the snow belt of Erie. But, we have snow ball fights, which is you make a ball of snow and throw it at someone, but it can't be hard because thats mean and they hurt. You also make a fort out of snow so it blocks them. You can make snow angels, all you do is lay in the snow and move you legs back and forth, and move your arms back and forth and try and get up without messing it up and it looks like an angels. Also, we make snowmans, basicly its one big balls on the bottom, a medium ball on top of the big one, then a small ball on top of the medium one. Then, you put a carrot for the nose, get two rocks for the eyes, some more rocks for the mouth, and more rocks for buttons. Then, you put a hat and scarf on it, and you have a snowman. You can also hunt for deer. In the winter, there is Christmas, where you open presents and have a big dinner with your family.
In the spring, the snow melts, the weather starts to warm up, flowers and grass grow. The trees grow their leaves or flowers,and some fruits. The animals come out of hibernation. We also have Easter, which you get candy, you have easter baskets which some parents hide them and the kids go and find them, they have toys and candy in them. You decorate eggs and eat them, you can have an Easter egg hunt, where you have plastic eggs that have candy in them.
In the winter, we change our tires so we can get through the snow.


The climate here changes 4 times a year. Hence the idea of the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Spring is when everything "springs" up. Like flowers, the grass starts growing again, the weather starts getting warmer. This weather happenes in the months of April and May. Summer is my favorite season, not only beacuse the weather is very nice and warm, but my birthday is also in these months. Thruough the months of June, July, August, the weather is between 75-90 degrees fahrenheit. Through these months I get very tan. Our pool is open so I get to swim alot. During fall, the months of September, October, November are usually the months where this happenes. Kind of like spring during fall, everything starts to "falls" apart again. The green leaves on trees start turning oragnish and fall of the branches leaving them bare. The weather gets colder and this is the time when you start wearing coats amd pants. During the months of December, January, Feburary, and March there is lots of snow! Last year were had a total snow fall of 219 iches of snow. Erie gets alot of snow and it gets very cold. For it to snow it has to be below 32 degrees fahrenheit, so it gets very cold. Does Rusiia get alot of snow?
We live in a rural area with many open terrians and animals. During the seasons of summer it gets warmer so we can start bringing out our summer jackets, shorts and flip flops. When it finally reaches summer we can wear te-shirts all the time and shorts. During fall it gets colder so we have to get our jackets and pants out. During winter many people travel to warmer climates like floridia. During this time you MUST wear a heavy jacket, hat, gloves, boots, without them you would always be sick.
Hope to hear from you soon (:

Hello Again! Here in Pennsylvania where I live, which is part of the east coast our climate is fairly mild, but can get up to 90 degrees ferienheit in the summer and as cold as the low negatives in the snowy winter. We live right by lake Erie to so we get lake effects, making the weather worse. A year round temperature average would probably be anywhere form 55-65. In our terrain we have hills and valleys although we have mainly flat ground. We do have a beach and mountains near us also. The city of Erie is an urban area, but I live a bit outside it where it is rural and where their are farms. I'd say in America it is converting more toward urbanization. To adjust to our weather, we wear shorts and t-shirts in the summer when it is warm. We wear pants, gloves, hats, coats, and other things in the winter when it is cold. Sometimes people go to somewhere west like California or down south like Florida during winter because it is warm in those places when it is cold in the East.

During christmas we do a lot of shopping for presents to give to friends and family. We celebrate christmas with family and friends and give the presents we bought away to people. We also celebrate the birth of Jesus (I am a Christian). I dont know if this is the same in your country, but it is a lot of fun the way we celebrate christmas down here.

I can't wait to hear back and learn more about your country.

Hello. Thank you for answering all of my question, and the venn diagram questions. I think that the venn diagram looks good.
The dominate climate in the U.S. is usually warm in May, June, July, and August, and then mostly cold on the rest of the year. The terrain in our city is mostly flat. We don't have any mountians where i live. I live in a rural area, and I could never live in a urban area. People that live in my area wear coats and pants in the winter, and in the summer people mostly wear t-shirts and shorts. What do you do in your free time in the winter? Do you snowboard or ski?

The climate that we have in Erie, PA is a very mild one. In the winter we get alot of snow and the weather gets really bad so we miss a couple days of school each year because of snowstorms, but it can be as lcold as the negatives. In the spring we get alot of rain and the weather is cold and rainy and sometimes there is still snow on the ground in april. In the summer the weather is really nice but it also gets to the point where it doesn't rain for awhile and then when it does rain it rains for a few days in a row, but when the weather is nice it can reach about 100 degrees fahrienheit. In the fall it gets cold and the weather gets rainy and snowy by Halloween. The type of terrain that we have is hilly out in the country and realitively flat in the city but it is really flat near the beach. The city of Erie is urban, but I live outside the city where we have farms(corn, strawberries, grapes), so we are rural. In the winter and fall we wear jeans, coats, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and variuos other things to stay warm and in the summer and spring we wear more shorts and t-shirts to stay cool. Sometimes people travel south to Florida or west to Californa where it is warmer so they can get away from the bad weather.

Hello! Nice to talk to you again. I think that it would be pretty cool to live in a dorm with my friends. The food here is pretty much the same as the food you described. Food here is probably much more fat filled then the food in Russia though haha. We have a lot of national hoidays such as 4th of July which is our independence day. We have Martin Luther King day. That is when we remember Martin Luther King who was a African American that had a huge part in the civil rights movement. As for the stereotypes the only thing I can think of is there is a stereotype created by some movies that people from America buy Russian wives on the internet. I'm not trying to be offensive but it's something I've seen. The climate in our country fluctuates a lot throughout the year. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The terrain in Erie is very flat. The part of Erie that I live in is rural. In the winter people drive trucks a lot more and plow trucks plow the roads. People also wear much warmer clothes in the winter then in the summer.

Hi, our climate has four seaasons; summer, winter, spring, and fall. Summer is the hottest of the seasons and the temperature is around 75-90 degrees fahrenheit. How hot is your summer? Winter is my favorite month because it is cold all the time and I love the snow. Here we get around 219 inches of snow a year. Spring is really rainy here and thi is when it starts to get warmer. During this season is when the flowers and trees start to grow and get there leaves. Fall is a beautiful season because all the trees start to change colors and loose there leaves. During this season many people like to take car rides to enjoy the wonderful view. Do you have four seasons?
Where I live there are alot of hills and open fields. We also have alot of trees and ponds. It is not very exciting here. We don't have big cities or any huge tourist spots. We mostly have fields, open spaces, and forests.
We live in a rural areea with alot of farms nad cows. You have to drive everywhere beacuse everything is so spaced out. Many people drive cars but many people around us also use four-wheelers, and rangers to get around.
When different seasons come we have to adjust in many ways. In winter we have to wear winter coats, boots, hats, gloves, anything to keep you from freezing. Also in winter we have to plow our drive ways. Is your winter worse than ours? In summer, all you have to wear in a t-shirt and shorts. So that is a big change from heavy duty clothes to just a t-shirt and shorts.
I hope you write back soon and i can't wait to hear from you! :)

Hello Aleskey,America is a very mixed weathered climate. It has all four seasons and the different temperatures to go with them. In the summer it is very humide and hot, it reaches around the 80's.(In Ferienheit, not Celsius)Fall which reaches very cold waether here around 30 degrees. Winter which here can get inti the negatives. Next is spring and it gets a little cold, but it is mostly warm around 60 degrees. How we adjust to the weather, we were shorts during summer, during the fall we where sweatshirts, winter gets very cold so we where winter coats. The terrain we have here is mostly flat, but we have the alegany moutains, rivers, and even some vallys.

Heys, whats up??

The type of place that I live in is rural. I very much like that. I don't like the city at all. The people live way to close to one another. I like the wide open spaces and being able to go outside and see no one for awhile. It is very relaxing especially if you are having a stressful day.
Wattsburg,PA has all four seasons. So spring, summer, fall, and winter. The springs here are very rainy and muddy which is a lot of fun if you like to get muddy. When summer comes the weather warms up. Are summers are either really hot or mild. This summer was hot. It was very nice lol. The bad part of our summer is the bugs. The mosquitos are a pain in the butt at night during the summer when you want to sleep outside lol. Our fall, is for the most part is nice. The trees leaves change color. The fall tempurature goes down considerable compared to the tempurature of summer. When winter hits we get a lot of snow. We live in the "snow belt" meaning we get a majority of the snow. The tempurature is normal really cold. Brrrrr. I am not a big fan of winter.
We ajust to the weather fairly well here. During the spring we noramlly wear jeans and t-shirts/long sleaves. For the summer we wear shorts and tank-tops and we also spend a lot more time outside. For the fall it is back to wearing jeans sweat shirts and anything to at least keep semi-warm. For the winter we dress warm. That is heavy winter jackets and gloves/hats. We also change our tires on our cars/trucks for better traction driving on the road.
We travel by car/truck here in Wattsburg. To get to school we ride a bus or our parents drive us. That or if you are lucky you can/able to drive to school.
The terrian here is hilly. This is fun for the winter when you want go sleding. There is also woods and wide open fields. These are awsome to have in my opinion because you are able to go outside and just run. lol.
I hope this gave you a little better understanding of the weather and all that other jazz for here. Well I hope you have a good day and an awsome weekend!!!!!! Sorry if this kinda boring....

P.S. Hope to hear from you soon :D

Hello again, it is currently fall in Seneca, and is very cold... but I'll bet its not nearly as bad as in Russia. The winter is what you would consider mild in Russia. The spring is warmish like around 50-70 degrees. The summers are very warm (somtimes to warm) aroung 75-80 degrees. The falls are cold somethimes it gets t be aroung 35-45 degrees. There is no dominant climate in Seneca, but if I had to guess it would be sunshine. We mostly have a grassy terrain, but we do have a lot of roads and highways. I live in an urban area, but I don't exactly live in Seneca, I live in a city near it. Here, we usually just take out winter or summer clothes to adjust to the seasons. Some people (like my grandparent's friends) go to southern states during the winter. They go to Florida because of how warm it is all year. So, I hope you have a great week and I'm waiting for your reply. =Þ