Discussion "Climate"

2 records from the Russian students:

Let's talk about the climate change.

a. In your post you should give well-structured answers to the following questions expressing your own position and opinion:

How do you feel about climate change?
Are you more worried about climate change or the war on terror?
Has climate change affected the country in which you live?
Do you believe everything scientists say about climate change?
Do you believe everything politicians say about climate change?
What do you think the world’s climate will be like 50 years from now?

b. Read the post expressing the specialist's opinion on the topic "Can what happens in //The Day After Tomorrow// happen in real life?" Do you agree?

Mr ODonnell
I thought that I would chime in on this discussion... consider it a test before I have the students attempt it.

The feel in this country used to be one of great panic about climate change. After Al Gore created his global warming documentary everyone was ready to stop driving and start planting trees. That mood has changed. I consider this to be partially money driven and partially focus driven.
The average American is more worried about their immediate needs. Will I have a job next month? Will the cost of fuel go up? Will the nations social security be available when I retire? These are the things that keep us up at night and help to form our decisions from day to day. Not whether or not the planet will be here for the generations that follow us. I will leave the rest of the questions for the class to discuss as their points of view will be very different from my own.

Thanks everyone!

Dmitry Surin
I’m worried about climate change but I don’t think that climate will change in the near future. I’m more worried about the war on terror because terrorists cause more harm than climate change. I think terrorism is the main problem of mankind now.
I don’t think that climate change affect the country in which I live. We have big temperature difference. In winter it is about 25-30 below zero and 25-30 above zero in summer. If the climate changes it is very difficult to see now.
I don’t believe everything scientists say about climate change. They have not consensus of opinion. So different groups of scientists set up different hypothesis. I think that climate in the future will be the same or a little warmer.

Mironova Natasha
to climate change, I'm negative, because under climate warming and snow will melt in Antraktide. This leads to an increase in the volume of water in rivers and oceans, this leads to aflooding main land . I really care and fight against terrorism and climate change,because as with climate change and terrorism, many people will die. climate change will affect my country.because in my country there is a lot of snow in winters and to the north is the most large glacier that during warming will melt quickly and will flood my country.I believe that scientists are on Climate Change, because all of the mconfirmed fears scientifically. I don't believe the politicians who talk about climate change because global warming by scientists and policy makers involved in public activity. through 50 years,I think that the climate will be considerably warmer, winter will be much softer.

Vasily Kretinin

I think that on the one hand changing of climate is very important problem, but on the other hand living in harmony with nature how it understands (just reducing waste) now isn't possible, because all things that we know break its' balance. Even if you put few stones on river's coast, you'll modify, though a little, its' ecosystem. So, all our existence is in changing nature, and I think reducing human's influence is deadlock way. We need to explore working of biosphere, atmosphere of Earth and try to compensate our influence with something.
I'm more worried about terrorism, because it's completely unpredictable, in contradistinction to climate change. Global warming hasn't affected palpably the country I live, because here are very big temperature fluctuations, Dmitry mentioned it, and with such general weather changing it's not easy to see climate changing. I believe scientists and don't believe politicians, because politicians always dramatize situation for their popularity. After 50 years climate doesn't change much, because it is very long and smooth process and that's why I disagree with possibility of abrupt climate changing.

Chyugunov Roman

I'm scared of climate change. Because i found out that every year it is becoming more and more colder, but all mass information said, that it becoming warmer.
Of course global climate changing it is very important problem, but for my opinion war is more dangerose, because war can destroy Earth in one second, while climate changing progressing slowlyandimperceptibly.
Climate change strongly hurt my country last year, when in the european part of my country was strong drought and forest fires. Enormous harm wa brought to my country as economic, as ecology.
I don’t believe politicians, and little believe scientists when they speak about climate changing.
Because all what speak politicians they speak only for own popularity. And a lot of scientists mistaken in their opinions.
It is very difficult to say about climate situation in 50 years, because as I said at the beginning it is becoming colder in my city, while all scientists talking about global warming. But I strongly want, that it coul be warmer in a 50 years.

Alena Zubekhina:

Climate changes every year. Winter is warmer and scientists say about global Warming. I more worry about terror and war, because each country has nuclear weapons. If contradictions happened, everyone can to use weapons and, maybe, war begins. I think that climate change affected on my country, because hot summer in Russia led to the burning of forests and peat fields! Many people had health problems, some had severed effects after! I don’t believe scientists, who say about change climate, because they don’t predict really weather on the next day! Example they say that tomorrow weather is going to rain, but in fact we have warm dry day! Also I don’t believe politicians, because it isn’t their competence! They say only to earn more money on our credulity! I think that climate doesn’t change much after 50 years compared with today. Global climate change will take much longer time than 50 years!

Elizabeth B
I feel that climate change is just a part of the planet. You have to understand that climate change has been taking place for millions of years. I beleive we are just headed into another ice age. The last planet change was over 10,000 years ago so to think that we are not changing is just irrelvent because the climate is always changing. The planet is not getting warmer but is cooling down hence why I beleive why we are being headed towards another ice age.This is my oppinion of climate change. I beleive that the war on terror is more of a lager issure than climate change. We now have so many laws that came out of the 9-11 attacks on the United States. People I beleive are more worried about war on terror than that of climate in the Untied States.

Keegan Sonney
I feel that climate change is not as big of an issue today in most peoples lives. I know that every day I dont go around thinking..."hmm..if I have my mom take me to my friends house that will put pollution in the air by car exahust causing the world to have more global warming and lead to the end of our existance." I just think that I am going to go over to my friends house and have a fun time.
I am more worried about the issue on war on terror. If you look at airport secutity from 9-11 to today, it has changed greatly! You now need to be patted down very uncomfortably and go through many scans in order to even step foot on a plane. Because of the high-jacking of those two planes during 9-11, our countries security and outlook on terrirism has exploded. It has changed so many ways people do their everyday jobs and how people live their life. One of the main reasons on why I am worried more about terrorism and war on terror is because my oldest brother is in the Airforce. He could possibly work for security and airports and go on missions. This scares me to think about him getting hurt and maybe even dieing from terrorists or war on terror. This issue just seems to be a much bigger issue than whether the climate is going to change or not. Climate is always changing and we have adapted to it already and will continue to try to adapt to it, but war on terror to me is so much bigger because you never know when it can happen, and to what extent it could happen.
So that is just a little bit of my thoughts on this discussion (:

Marina Samoschenko

I am very concerned about climate change because global climate is changing and we don `t know what to expect.
I'm also concerned about terrorism, because terrorism has increased in recent years, and really getting scary.
Climate change is also in my country. Global warming is the cause of fires and droughts.
I do not believe the politicians, but I believe scientists when they talk about climate change. Because scientists better versed in these matters than politicians.
Very difficult for me to say about the climate in 50 years, but I think the environment will be even worse, and the weather change will be worse.

Pirogova Alena.

I worry aboutclimate change. Russia must become more involved with climate change, because our country has natural resources that are in crucial preserving the planet's ecology. I'm more worried about terrorism. The growth of terrorism striking. I do not think that climate affects my country. There are many hypotheses, the views of scientists. But the only agreement there.I think that after 50 years of great changes, we will not notice.

Luchinkin Pasha
In Russia the weather is the same as in the United States. In eastern Siberia, where I live, winter is colder than in the U.S., at my house the temperature reached -45 degrees Celsius, but we "Siberians" used to such temperatures, even consider it normal. =) One day our teacher gkografii said that in Siberia there is only two weather is cold and very cold.

Petrov Vlad
I think that climate change is fatall, in the world there are many causes of climate change.
Same I’m worried about the war on terror, because terrorists cause more harm than climate change. I think terrorism is the main problem of mankind now.
In Russia the weather is the same as in the United States.
I do not think that climate affects my country. And I think that the climate will not change the next 50 years