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What do you think when you look at a map of the world?
Have you ever got lost using a map?
Have you ever followed a map that was in a language different to your own?
Do you think maps look good hanging on living room walls?
Do you think treasure maps exist? Would you like one?
Do you think maps of museums and art galleries are always easy to understand?
Would you like to work a cartographer (a map maker)?
How long can you spend looking at a map and enjoying it?

Evgeniya Budenkova

Unfortunately my students are not greatly interested in the process of making and reading maps. But the development of map-making reflects the history of mankind. Just take a look at some Medieval maps, they are awesome. Just imagine how complicated it was to create them (http://www.henry-davis.com/MAPS/)
external image 228A.jpg external image 307.jpg

The process of reading and making maps in the 21st century is absolutely different and I'm absolutely charmed by the newest IT solutions.
And now just take a look at the google map of Eire, PA. You can even see the roads, houses and trees, it’s amazing!


I just want to advise Russian students to be more curious. Life is not just your little world of your favourite people and things, it’s much more interesting. Keep you eyes open and maybe you’ll know something new.

P.S. Guys, I've got a proposal. To make things more interesting we can leave short voice messages. What do you think?

Elizabeth B
When I look at a map of the world I see all of the different places/cultures and how they are able to interact with one another wheter that be good or bad. I am alright at reading maps however I have gotten lost once using a map and it didn't end well for the map to say the least. I have never followed a map that wasn't written in a language different than my own unless you consider trying to understand a map made from a 3 year old now that can be a little tricky. I don't know of anyone who has a map hanging in there living room walls. For the most part what hangs on our living room walls are paintings and or family photos etc... I have never been to an art gallery so I can't say that reading one of those maps are easy. I would not like to be a cartographer in my opinion that would be so boring and uninteresting that I would probly fall asleep. I don't look at a map and enjoy it no sirey!!! Maps in paper form in my opinion are becoming less and less useful with all the new technology that is interactive. These are my thoughts on maps :)

Keegan Sonney
When I look at a map of the world, I think about all of the different people living there, the different animals living in each place, and what the land mainly consists of ( rain forest, desert, etc.). I have gotten lost using a map (: It was only for a little game, but the map was of poor quality so it was hard to follow. I have never followed a map that was in a language different to my own, but I would love to try it. I think that it would be pretty cool to see the differences between the two lanuages. I think it depends on the theme of the room if a map can look good on the wall. If the living room is more history like, or has a geography aspect to it, then yes I think that a map would look very good on the living room wall. If the room was more elegant or bright, then I do not think that a map would look good on the living room wall at all. I do think treasure maps exist!! I believe that old pirates have hid treasure or made up maps to go and find it (: I would LOVE a treasure map. I am a huge fan of old antique and unique things and having a treasure map would be awesome!! I do not think that all art galleries are always easy to understand. Because there are so many things in the museumes, they can be very very confusing. I think I would like to try to work as a cartographer, only once, but just to try it would be fun.. well at least I think haha. I cannot spend that long looking at a map and enjoying it if it is just a regular map. If it is an old map of some sort... then I could probalbly spend a while looking at it and enjoying it... but it pretty much depends. So yeah thats about it (:

Response to Keegan from Mr. O'Donnell

If you want to go on a real treasure hunt you need to try Geochaching. Has anyone here ever tried it? It really is a fun activity that you can do anywhere in the world. I have embedded a video to get a better idea of the hobby.

Response from Evgeniya Budenkova: Oh, this is just so cool and creative stuff! Thanks for sharing, I've never tried it.Sounds weird and curious :)

Response to Mr. O'Donnell from Keegan
Thanks! I will have to try this sometime! It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks again!

When I look at the map, I find everything I need, I can well understand the map. Therefore, I have never lost without a map.
According to legend, there are treasure maps, many people spend their whole lives to find them and did not find .. So I do not want a map, because the chance of finding that a very low ..
I do not want to be a cartographer, it's boring.

Dmitry Surin
When I look at a map of the world I think about places I would be glad to visit.
One day I have followed a map that was in English. It was difficult but I have found the right way.
I don’t think that maps look good hanging on living room walls but parents of pupils buy and hang maps on wall. They think it helps in learning geography.
I think maps of museums and art galleries are difficult to understand. I have tried to find exit in The Hermitage but I have not could.
I don’t want to be a cartographer because it is monotonic, boring and jewelry work.

Roman Chugunov

When I look at the map I firstly look at the eqator an thinl how cool it would be to live there, where it is always warm, where there are warm seas with warm beaches, where whole year you can wear shorts and t-shirt,or without t-shirt)) Then a look at the poles and understan that Krasnoyarsk is not the coldest place at the world, that there are snow all year, no beaches no warm seas, no warm sand, and understand that not all so bad.
No I,ve never lost, using a map, my be because I am good at orientating on the open area.
Yes, and not once, bu it's not difficult to read main names of cities or main indices.
May be hanging map on the wall it is good idea for learning map.
Of course treasure maps are exist, but may be amount of this treasures is not so huge as seems at the cartoons)
I don't go to the museums and gallereys very often, but I think it's easy to read this maps, like anoter one.
I would not like to work as a map maker, i think it is very boring and hard work.
I dont like looking on the map without reason, because I think it is pointlessly.

Alena Zubekhina.
When I look at map I think about places, which I would be glad to visit! I often lose using a map, because I didn’t know objects not very well. I think that maps look good hanging on living room wells, because they can replace a picture and improve the appearance of the room. I believe that treasure map exist, and I would like to have it! I don’t understand maps of museums and art galleries, they has a lot of different labyrinths, intersections of corridors. I wouldn’t like to work a cartographer, It’s very difficult. I like look at map some 20 minutes.

Pirogova Alena

When I look at maps, I dream about those places that I want to visit.Once on the map a long time I was looking for a boutique in the store. I do not like the maps on the walls.The children from this feel better to know the geography. As a child I would have believed in a treasuremap :) Now is not the age. I think maps of museums and art galleries are difficult to understand. I do not like the work of a cartographer.

Kretinin Vasily

When I look at world map, I try to find interesting facts on it, connected with locations and names of different countries and cities. I've never got lost using a map, but I think that GPS navigator is much more helpful than just a map, electronic or paper. In fact, I use it rarely, and I saw foreign maps few times only in some historical books, so I've never followed a map with different language marks. As I see, my mates didn't support hanging maps on living rooms, but in my opinion it isn't worse than posters with bands or something else, and even better if map maked in interesting style: some interesting colors, in modern or vintage manner. I think treasure maps exist, but I wouldn't like one of them, because if somebody see it before me, there isn't anything in ticked on map place. For me it's difficult to understand maps of museums and art galleries, it's simplier to ask someone what you need. I'd like to work a cartographer, I think it's interesting to discover someting new, especially when you are in unusual natural conditions. I can't look at a map very long, if it there isn't some interesting information near it, because it's very monotonously.

Kseniya Yurchenko
When I look at map, I think the large number of countries in the world. It is so amazing for me. I like maps, because it is very interesting. I like to use map to travel. I am good at reading maps. I was taught to use maps on geography class. I think, women better at reading maps, because they are attentive than men. I am bad at drawing maps, because, unfortunately, I can't draw very well. Also, I never have followed a map that was in a language different to your own. I think maps look good hanging on living room walls, because you can always look at this map and to know something interesting. My opinion, treasure maps exist and I want to find it. It is really exiting. I think maps of museums and art galleries are always easy to understand, because it is indicated by special signs. I would like to be a map maker, because this job is really amazing. I can spend a lot of time to look at map, because it is interesting and informative.

To: Kretinin, Bagrov, Dmitry and Pirogova, From Keegan,
I found your discussions enjoyable to read, but I was wondering if you think men or women can read maps better. I think this question is very interesting, and I would like to hear your opinions if you would please discus this with me (:
Answer to Keegan from Kretinin Vasily
At my opinion, women car red maps better, because they have more attention, especially such small things like map signs.

Answer to Keegan from Chyugunov Roman.

I think that man read maps much better, than women because man orientate in the area much better. If woman and man loose the way in forest, and they have got a map. I am fully confident that may be man will make some mistakes in reading, but soon he will find a correct way. But woman will choose the wrong way at once.

Answer to Keegan from Dmitry Surin

I think men or women can read maps equally. Maybe some person can read maps better if he or she is keen on reading and learning maps.

Moreover people prefer use navigators or Google maps. They are easy to read and understand.

Maxim Cheremnykh
Surely we had to use maps ever. I like maps. With their help, we can easily find a particular place. I think in reading maps nothing complicated. In place of conventional paper maps into the modern world came to electronic maps that help is much faster to navigate in unfamiliar territory. I believe that the best maps read women because they are more accurate and carefully, in contrast to the male. To find a new place, I need a physical map, it is difficult to completely remember it, help the knowledge of school geography course. In the role of the cartographer, I would not want to be, not too interesting and challenging work that requires little patience. If the world's treasure map really exists, in our time with the GPS receiver and different applications from Google to find a treasure of problems would not have​​.

Votyakova Viktoriya

When I hear the word "card" I represent the globe. Yes I like maps. Consider them and look for the country and city. I think I'm pretty good at cards. I think thatthere is no difference between men and women in reading maps. I never tried to draw maps and Google Earth is not used to make a map.
When I look at the map of our country, I understand how this great and powerfulcountry. To find the place I'd rather use the map than present it in your head. I understand all the symbols on the cards. I found it very interesting to read the card.

Kazarin Alexandr
I like maps because it's interesting. I good searching object's on maps. Sometimes I use the cards to find the street or house, and for me it is not difficult. When I look at the world map, I think how many countries in the world.
I think that men and women read maps is the same. I think maps of museums are easy to understand, because it is indicated by special signs.
If there were a treasure map that it would long ago have found with maps of the Internet.

Luchinkin Pasha
Hi. I would like to talk about maps. Maps can quickly find the houses, streets, parks and much more. I know how to use a map and easily find the necessary objects. I understand some of the signs on the map. I have never had the idea to become a mapsmaker, I think it's very boring. When I was 7 years old, I wanted to find the map of Treasure Island and find the treasure on it, but it's been a long time. When I heard the words "maps", I think about geography. I believe that women and men alike are better at reading maps. If I got a new place, I would not pass without a map. When I look at a map of your country I have a desire to go somewhere. I never used Google earth.


Hello, when I look at the world map in my eyes run =) so much ... and everywhere you want to go and see how people live abroad ...
I have excellent geography and I've participated in tourism congresses. There have been orienteering and we focused in the woods without a map and not get lost, so I think it's unlikely that I get lost ...
When I see that map on the wall in the living room I want to take it off ... Because it is unaesthetic .. about a treasure map, I have heard only in fairy tales and even if they are they are already looking for .. =) So participate in various search works I do not want. Actually, I do not like to work with the cards it is very tiring and long ago have electronic maps where clicking a few buttons you can perform any task I give Him my preference =) here is something like this my dear friends = D

Mironova Natasha

When I look at the world map.I see a lot of countries, states, and represent what people in their lives .Each country has its own language,in which people talk,their priorities.No,I never got lostusing a map.I think that the card hangingin the living room hangs just for beauty.I think that the treasure map is no longer there.Because all the treasures captured pirates:)))I would like a map of treasures).I think the maps of museums and art galleries is difficult to understand because they think I understand the only people who know them.I would not want to work cartographer,so I think this is a difficult profession.And I have other interests.I do not for a long time I look at the map, after some time I hurtmy eyes, and begins to blur everything.

Aleksey Nikitin.

When I look at the map, I consider her a few seconds and then go on about their business. I do not use cards, and so I go to rest in a familiar area to me and friends (lost together much more fun than losing one =)). Now, the map Gasteen - part of the interior, but I will poveshayu poster with your favorite football team than the world political map.
I would not like to work with the cards because I never liked geography =).

Tereshkevich Vlad.

When I look at the world map I understand, what all the same a major planet the Earth. On a world card it is possible to learn where what countries, what nationalities, territory. If to be able to use a map you never got lost. No I never followed a map that was in a language different to my own. Most likely cards of treasures doesn't exist, but if such I would get to me hundred times have thought before to search for them, but all the same I couldn't be kept. I think that maps of museums and art galleries It will be sometimes difficult to understand, because they can be in other language, in an out-of-date kind or simply not clear.I don't think that I liked work of the cartographer, I think it boring. How long can you spend looking at a map and enjoying it? I think no more than ten minutes, not especially it is interesting to me.