"Discussion "Economics"

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Do you think economics is the most important thing people think about in an election?
Do you worry about the world economy?
Which people in this world care most about economics?
What are the biggest economic problems in the world?
What is the effect of economics on society?

Ksenia Yurchenko

Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.
I don’t worry about the world economics. I am passive about this problem, because I don’t know about structure of the world economics. In my opinion economics is the most important thing for people who vote, because people want to know about economical situation in their country. Economists, businessman, brokers care of economics most of all, because it is very important to them. The biggest economic problems in my country are dependence of the Russian economy on oil prices on world market. I think economics is a science, because economics can analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. I think economics different under socialist and capitalist systems. The socialist economy based on national property. The capitalist economy based on private enterprises. I heard that Russia joined the WTO. It is a big win for my country.

Surin Dmitry
In my opinion people think about their future life in an election. Economics affects on quality of life of voters, so they should think about the economics on an elections.
I don't worry about the world economy. I think it is a work of economists, businessman and brokers.
I think everybody care about economics in any way. But politicians care about economics most in this world. For their careers stable economic situation is very important.
I think the biggest economic problems in the world are
1) The problem of population growth (demographic problem);
2) The problem of natural resources;
3) A military problem;
4) The Food.
I think economics makes society to develop. Every economic problem requires finding solutions that lead to the development of society.

Chugunov Roman

I think economics is one of the important thing in election. Because economic conditions which creates a goverment will be affect directly on each member of country.
Of course I worry about world economy, because world economic situation connected with economic setuation in my countru, and therefore with my ecomomic situation. I think that goverment care about economics most of all and may be huge businessman.
I think that the biggest economic problems are:
1) Greece with it's bad aconomists and govermaent.
2) Inability of Americans and many other people live within it,s means.
3) Wars in Africa.
4)Corruption (most of all it concerms Russia).

Economics have stogly effect on society, because economic setuaion in country depend's of economic situation of each member of country ande vice versa.

Viktoriya Votyakova

I think, economics is important thing, but not the most important in elections. People always think about their future, and it will depend on future power. They also think about status of country, about their safety, their freedom etc.
So I think that there are a lot og points which influence on people on elections, one of them are economics.
I'm not worried about the global economy at the moment. But I think time will pass and I would be interested in the economy.The problem is the crisis of the global economy.
Сrisis issue for people and for the world economy.
The economy affects the price changes in shops and wages. It all depends on the economy in the world.

Marina Samoschenko

Economics - is part of everyday life, people take part in the daily economic activities, live in the economic environment. I'm worried about the global economy at the moment. Because live and be out of the economy is impossible. Each individual, each family takes many economic decisions in line with revenue and expenditure, are personal family economy. These include housing, household, personal property and more. Key economic developments here - home work, rest, nutrition, child rearing.
Big problems exist in the labor market: employment problems, the growth of mass unemployment worries most of the developed and developing countries.
"What is the effect of economics in society?" It is extremely high - the basis of the countries and peoples, of all mankind.

Luchinkin Pasha
I consider, that the economy has great value at elections. Because people wish to improve the life and wish to make a correct choice. I do not worry about economic because I know about it not much. I consider that the greatest problem in economy, it is a problem of natural resources, to be exact to their shortage. I consider, that the economy has direct influence on a society because bad management of economy can lead to a collapse.

Kretinin Vasily

I think ecomony isn't important thing on election, of course, some important theses are connected with it (taxes, salaries), but not many electors think about economy at all. I worry about world economy, because Russia is part of it and all world problems at once affect on my country. The most interested in economy are bankers and officials, because both work with enormous money, both at one point can lose everything when make unsuccesful and unprofitable operations with it. I think the biggest economical problems of the world are crisis, african economical pit and exhaustion of natural resources. Effect of economy is wery strong and wide. For every man this is all prices around us, all salaries, techics, buildings and everything, except land and people, because all of its' production is based on money.

Zubekhina Alena

I think that people, who participate in the election, think about the economy. It is the most important part of life. I am not much worried about the global economy, because I do not understand this.Perhaps if I understood the importance of the economy, I would often think about the problems. Economy to help the people who produce their work anything. The biggest economic problems in the world are:
- high level of inflation
- bureaucracy
- corruption
- The stagnation in the development of science, not using scientific advances.
Economics is an economic system that meets the needs of people and society. Main goal is to maintain economic livelihoods, creating conditions for the extension of the human race.People can not live without an economy.

Artem Yushkov
Hello, I can not participate in elections, so do not worry about the economy ...
The world economy is a lot of problems on this topic even write term papers so I do not see any reason to call them ..
There are people who live the economy .. different brokers existent policies and other government officials

Bagrov Dmitry

I'm not worried about the global economic I do not understand it there is nothing in it. So I do not think about it during elections.
On television, a lot of talk about the problems in the economy in different countries, but I'm not interested in that.
The economic situation is influenced by society, people in poor countries are different from people in rich countries.

Maxim Cheremnykh
I think that the economy never reaches a deadlock, it does just slows down. Now I'm not worried about the global economy, although sometimes I watch the important news. I think an important economic problem in Russia is a mortgage. Buying an apartment on the mortgage, you get terrible debt, and there is a way out? To live somewhere, do you want? But apartment prices have increased so that no credit it does not help.

Pirogova Alena

I think that people, who participate in the election, think about the economy.The economy affects the quality of life.I'm not interested in the topic of our economy, so I'm not worried about the global economy.I think it is important for economists, business,representatives in the election.The main problems of the world economy:
1)overcoming the gapin the development of countries with low per capita income
2) approval of human rights in the state,its liberation from the excessive force control of state institutions
3) The decision of raw materials, energy and food problems
Economy is heavily influenced by people, their lives.

Mironova Natasha.

I think that people who participate in the elections think about the economy.Representatives should beworried about the economy of the country they represent in the election.No, I'm not worried about the global economy. I'm not interested. Businessmen,representatives of the bank, economists want the economy.The main problems of the world economy:
1) creating an enabling environment for global social progress
2) the development and the elimination of the negative impact of technology on human population growth
3)overcoming the environmental crisis, covering more and more areas and capable of destroying human life
If the economy is stable, then the welfare of the peopleis improving.