Discussion "History"

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1. What period of history would you like to go back and live in?
2. Napoleon Bonaparte said “History is a set of lies agreed upon”. Do you agree with this?
3. “Half of writing history is hiding the truth.” What do you think of this quote in relation to what was in your school history books?
4. Do you think history repeats itself?
5. Sir Winston Churchill said: “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Do you agree with him?
6. How would the world change if schools stopped teaching history to children and all history books were destroyed?

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Strongly recommend to read this article dedicated to the postmodern concept of history as fiction:

Michel Foucault gives us a great perspective of Postmodern history: “I am well aware that I have never written anything but fictions. I do not mean to say, however, that truth is therefore absent. It seems to me that the possibility exists for fiction to function in truth. One ‘fictions’ history on the basis of a political reality that makes it true, one ‘fictions’ a politics not yet in existence on the basis of a historical truth.”1

Alena Zubekhina
I wouldn’t like to go back period in history, because I think that life in those days it was much harder than it is now. I agree with the statement of Napoleon, because each person brings their point of view, and that was really no one knows. I believe that history repeats itself. For example, the first Napoleon invaded Russia, but nothing was able to win, then Germany invaded Russia, and again nothing was able to win. I agree with Churchill. This sentence can be written differently, "one learns from their mistakes." History can teach us not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors. If were destroyed all the history books and stopped teaching it in school, it would not be interesting to learn. History is the science of all sciences; without a history is not possible life.

Kretinin Vasily

I'd like to go back and live in the end of XIX century, because beginning of XX century in Russia is full of colossal happenings, this time is impregnated with the spirit of social changings, huge economical growth and freedom. I don't agree with Napoleon Bonaparte phrase, because history is based on some facts and historically important items, which can confirm these facts. There is can be lie and speculation only between these facts: in causes and consequences of events. And you can see it in russian historical books. Our history teacher in school once compared history books from different ages: from 50s, 80s, 90s, and if facts were the same their interpretations were different. I agree with Churchill - only for failed to learn from history it repeats. I think history exists for connection of generations. If schools will stop teaching history to children, this connection will become weak or will disappear and then normal stable life will disappear too.

Roman Chugunov

I prefer to stay at novadays period, or maybe to comeback and live at the USA in 1955-1980 I think it is a period of a huge freedom and cheap gas))). I strongly don't want to go back in late middlecentury (1600-1900) years, I hate this period of history, because it was very boring!.
I agree with the Napoleon phrase, because I think, that it is not very hard to change a history of the country by the standarts of the state. It's only need to teach one generations history what you want, and all next generations will be thae same. This method often used in the USSR.
I agree with this quote, because it was a lot of mistakes in my school books, iften there was a differ with truth.
Yes I think history repeats itself, but each time developments have more and more heavy effects.
I agree with Churchill, because it is necessary to learn from history, it helps to avoid a lot of mistakes, which have happenes in past.
I think it is unreal to destroy all history books, but if we assume that it would happen, I think it would be nothing good, people would make a lot of mistakes, which could have been avoided if they had able to learn from history.

Marina Samoschenko

I like “today's time” :). I would not want to go back in time, because there are many things without which modern man can not do. I disagree with the statement of Napoleon. Because I can be proud of not fictitious victories and achievements, and real. Behind me stands the glorious history of my ancestors and my mighty people. Russia's history is incredibly interesting and mysterious subject. "History does not repeat itself, because it is not repeated conditions. Therefore, even knowing it, people are doomed to repeat mistakes. »(Http:metaforism.ru/theme/istoriya/200/) I think it is wrong, if we destroy all the history books. History does not give people forget "their former lives." History as it revives former, past, rediscovering and reconstructing it for the present. Through stories, historical knowledge, the past does not die but continues to live in the present, is present.

Ksenia Yurchenko

I wouldn't like to go back period in history, because I think people should live in the present. I don't agree with Napoleon Bonaparte phrase, because history is based on some scientific facts. I absolutely agree with Sir Winston Churchill, because people should know history of their country. Moreover, if the government knew of the history of their countries and history of the world may not know of many terrible wars. Furthermore, I think that history repeats itself, for example modern fashion is changing and returned to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. I think history is cyclical. If schools will stop teaching history at school, children will not know the history of their country. It will be a tragedy for the modern society.

Kazarin Alexander

I would not want to go back in time, because the future is more interesting than the past. I think the history repeats because events are similar: Wars, world crisis...
I agree with phrase "Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." If schools stop teaching history, People willl forget the history of their country. People will cease is proud of feats of the country.

Surin Dmitry
I would not like to go back in some period in history. I think everybody should appreciate his life and try to improve it. I don't agree with Napoleon Bonaparte phrase. History is a science based on accurate facts. Only the opinions and attitudes to the events may vary. Indeed, there are significant differences in the causes and consequences of various historical events, in textbooks of different years of publication. I completely agree with Winston Churchill. Only history can teach us not to repeat others' mistakes. If schools stopped teaching history to children, technical and cultural progress might stop.

Bagrov Dmitry

I'm not back in time, I want to live in the present. But without the past there would not be present.
History repeats itself only slightly modified. History in schools is needed, we must know our history.
But all stories are different, who thinks that almost everything is a lie. I believe that what is written in textbooks accurate

Votyakova Viktoriya

I would like to return during the reign of kings. Attend ball and walk in the beautiful lushdresses. I think that history does not repeat itself. In each event, there is something new.Those who do not teach history will repeat it because with the history we learn from the mistakes of our ancestors. The story is very interesting, when we do not study history, we do not know how they lived before us and what events happened before.

Yushkov Artem
I love to study history, it's interesting. Russia has a great story, with lots of wars, revolutions .. We must know our history, as it is very important.
The story is true, but inaccuracies may be. I'm glad to be alive at this time and not to any other. During the development of electronics.

Luchinkin Pasha

In history of Russia it is a lot of important points and all of them not to tell, therefore I wish to tell in few about Moscow.
In 1147, the son of Vladimir Monomakh, Prince of Suzdal Yuri Dolgoruky was nicknamed, returning from a trip to Novgorod, invited to himself on a feast of his ally and kinsman of Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich: "Come to me, brother, at Moscow." So for the first time in 1147 in the annals mention Moscow. This date is considered the official founding date of the ancient city. The location is extremely convenient in Moscow geographical location: on a hill, surrounded by the rivers Neglinnaya and the Moscow River. On these rivers, swim merchant ships from the major cities. In Moscow, stayed rich merchants and traders. This is all defined historical significance of Moscow. In 1156 there were built the first wooden Kremlin walls. In the second half of the XII century, was built the Kremlin, which lasted nearly two hundred years. In the XII century, residents of Moscow had to endure the terrible invasions of Batu Khan and his troops. The wooden building in Moscow could not long hold the enemy, and in 1238 Khan burned Moscow. Although after then again and again enemies burned Moscow, the Russian people again revived her, more and more strengthened and expanded its borders. At the end of the XIII century by Prince Daniil, the son of Alexander Nevsky, Moscow became the center of a small independent principality. As the growing political importance of the principality and equip his village, laid the first stone buildings. In the XIV century were made to strengthen the city and the new cultural monuments. After the Mongol invasion, Ivan Danilovich to preserve cultural property itself was to collect tribute from the population and give it to the Tatar-Mongols. But part of the tribute, he left to build and strengthen Moscow and his principality. When Ivan Danilovich has always been a big bag of money, so he got the nickname Kalita. Kalita translated means "money bag". In the years 1339-1340, were built oak wall around the Kremlin. The Kremlin became the political center of a feudal principality, the seat of the Grand Dukes of Moscow and metropolitans. In the years 1367-1368 under Prince Dmitri Ivanovich built of white stone walls of the Kremlin. At that time it was first-rate strengthening and created a serious obstacle to the enemy. The development of economic ties between Russian principalities and the need for common defense against foreign enemies led to the gradual consolidation of the Russian lands into one state. The focus of the emerging Russian nation was Moscow, which is located in the center of the main Russian lands. She began to expand its borders, collecting the scattered principalities around him. From a small fortress, it was in the XII century, Moscow has become a major trading and craft city. Moscow has become a major hub of land and water trade routes. The formation of a centralized Russian state in the second half of the XV century, promotes the growth of Moscow. White stone walls of the Kremlin served about a hundred years, during which time they suffered greatly from wars. In the years 1485-1495 were built, new brick walls of the Kremlin. For the construction of new walls of the Kremlin in Moscow come Italian architects, who were famous in Europe for its fortifications. Now Moscow is the capital and cultural center of Russia. In Moscow, kept the memory of the city and the history of the state historical monuments. Chief among the cathedrals and museums is the ancient Cathedral of the Assumption. It was built in 1473-1479 by Italian architect Fioravanti years. Construction of the cathedral was given great importance. The great princes of Moscow sought to emphasize and confirm the power of capital. Of considerable interest is the wall painting of the cathedral 1642-1643 period. In these times of the decoration of the cathedral were more than a hundred of the best painters of Russia. In the southern part of Cathedral Square, near the Moscow River, is the Annunciation Cathedral. It is a monument of Russian architecture, which collects national achievement of architecture of that time. In the Cathedral of the Annunciation preserved one of the most ancient Russian iconography - the monuments of historical and artistic value. On the west side of the Assumption Cathedral is a small domed church Deposition of the Robe. It was built in 1484-1485 Pskov masters respectively in the style of architecture earlier moscow. Cathedral of the Annunciation is located opposite the Cathedral of the Archangel. It was built in 1505-1508 by Italian architect Aleviz New on the site of an ancient temple which was built under Ivan Kalita in 1333. Retaining the traditional plan and five-domed Russian church in the external decoration of the building, the architect gave him the features characteristic of the Renaissance.

Maxim Cheremnykh
I would not want to return time in history, because history is history, and I am quite pleased with today's time. And so, I would like to see into living the Victory Parade June 24, 1945 in honor of the Soviet victory over Germany in World War II. I do not agree with Napoleon, the story can be invented, because there are a lot of proving the facts of a particular event. History should not repeat, we live in a world where history should only be brighter and more memorable. If schools stopped teaching history to children, and all the history books will be were destroyed, the world would be crazy :)

Mironova Natasha

I like our time. Would not want to go in a certain period of life.I like to live in this now:)
I do not agree with the statement of Napoleon Bonaparte.because the history isfacts that couldr efute the lies.story based on real facts.
"half of writing history is hiding the truth" - I think it's right, because the history is still"white"spots, and historians still have something to tell us.
History does not repeat itself, because our civilization goes forward, and history is the past.
"He who learns from historyis doomedto repeat it,"I do not agree with that,because the historical facts can not be repeated. "People learn from their mistakes."
If schools have stopped teaching history and textbooks have been destroyed, people would not know the history of the country,great people, the historical facts connected with their country.

Pirogova Alena.

I do not want to live in the past tense, I am satisfied now. I don't agree with Napoleon Bonaparte phrase, because history is based on scientific facts. History is a science based on accurate facts. Only the opinions and attitudes to the events may vary.I think that history is not repeated. If the story has disappeared as a humanitarian object, then the children would not know our past, great men, men who gave their lives for the sake of our future.

Aleksey Nikitin.

In what period of history I would like to return? Hmm ... I think during the conquest of the Great Roman Empire or the day of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the American port.
I can say so, all the great people said a lot of good things, but every man to his own taste. =)
If the school had no history, I would not have suffered a lot, anyway, I slept on it =)))

Tereshkevich Vlad.
I don't want to come back in the past, I love this world in which I live now. What do you think of this quote “Half of writing history is hiding the truth.” I think Many historic facts hide to this day because many historic facts hide to this day because it is unprofitable to some, both it is possible and it is good after all they not always appear good. I don't think think history repeats itself, simply there are such moments which resembled past events, and that they were not absolutely exact.
I agree with Sir Winston Churchill and I think all should study on errors not to repeat them.
I think if schools stopped teaching history to children they it is simple also concepts they had no in what country live.